VideoChannel & SoundLAB

VideoChannel & SoundLAB remain the basic active environments from the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP. Both focussed on the aspects “memory” and “identity”, form not only successful projects and platforms, but represent each one for itself unique collections—>VideoChannel, incorporating more than 200 videos online and offline, and SoundLAB including more than 300 artists and more than 400 soundart works.


  • VideoChannel will publish soon an open call for CologneOFF IIICologne Online Film Festival – edition III of CologneOFF foucssing on the aspect of artistic cartoon and animated narratives, so also Cologne OFF belongs to the spectrum of “A Virtual Memorial”, and will release also during the next following weeks a new video selection.
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  • SoundLAB will release in March 2007 an open call for soundart for Edition V, which will focus on sound as a tool/vehicle for storytelling.