RRF project environments

After four years successfully developing,
“RRF projects environments”
[RRF – Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting]
an experimental New Media art enterprise
created, curated and organised by Agricola de Cologne,
focussing on the themes “memory and identity” will be finalized by the end of 2006.


In 2003,  “RRF project environments”
started its 1st version which became part of
Interactiva – Biennale of New Media Art in Merida/Mexico August 2003.

Together with the 2nd version, this 1st version formed in 2004 the basis of
[R][R][F]2004—>XP – global networking project
which developed in 2005 to [R][R][F]2005—>XP
and in 2006 to [R][R][F]2006—>XP

Numerous curators from all parts on the globe
were invited to prepare contributions in the media–>
net based art, video, and soundart.
The result was and is a unique networking construction of collective memory,
an artwork itself, manifested in various forms of  contemporary art  made especially for the net,
incorporating a network of more than 800 artists, 50 curators, numerous organisations
and institutions in all parts on the globe, who all participate in the idea “we are one world”,
a global culture without national boundaries based on communicating and an exchange on many levels.

A basic part of the conception represented  the project presentation in an exchange between virtual and physical space,
resulting that net based art left its ghetto-like status on the net and became integral part of a vivid contemporary art scene manifested in
interactive installations in physical space, presented  until these days more than 50 times
in most different constellations and places.

By the end of 2006, “RRF project environments”
will be finalized and will receive a final project URL, as well–>
http://rrf200x.newmediafest.org, which is already now valid.

The finalization itself will represent a special highlight, because again a respectable number of
new Internet based art works will form version III of RRF, VideoChannel will contribute a special selection
of videos on the theme “image vs. music”, and SoundLAB will add Edition IV
“memoryscapes”, a curated selection of soundart,
and the finalization will take place in different steps, i.e in physical presentations,
starting with Festival International Arte Digital Rosario/Argentina 16-18 November 2006.

The finalization, however, das not mean that “RRF project environments”
would be not active any longer, in contrary.
As a project, which does not change continuously like it has been until now,
it will be easier to be handled. Components like VideoChannel and SoundLAB
will continue following separately individual paths and developements.

The finalization will  represent also the end of the restructuration phase currently,
so, until then from time to time parts of the project will be under reconstruction.

“RRF project environments” are organised online in a low-tech blog
and a high-tech Flash based  artistic body.