Ongoing Memorial – Paris 2015


The participatory project
“Paris, 13 November 2015” – refers to the Islamist terror attacks in Paris on the same date, 13 November 2015 and would like to show solidarity and empathy with the innocent victims and a completely paralyzed Parisian,and French society, at the same time it must not be forgotten, that a terror attack of similiar measures took place one day before, on 12 November 2015 in Beyrouth, which did not receive any attention in the Western media, at all, but also the Russian airplane crash at Sinai on 31 October 2015 standing in the same context of time.
But the terror doesn’t stop! On 22 March, terror attack in Brussels, 14 July in Nice (France), in Germany and the traditional place of terro in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.

The project, initiated and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, is inviting artists all over the world for showing solidarity and empathy with victims whether they are stilling or dead by participating and contributing. But the project is also a plea for defending democaratic values and freedom against the totalitarinism of the islamist ideologies.

In this way, the Paris Memorial is standing for all values, places und people attacked by islamist terror.