NewMediaFest’2010 launches Draft Title: Shoah

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On 25 January 2010, A Virtual Memorial Foundation joint NewMediaFest’2010 and launched a new media art context on occasion of 27 January 2010 – International Holocaust Day – 65th return of the Liberation of Auschwitz, entitled. Draft Title: Shoah v.1.0 –>

Draft Title: Shoah v.1.0

The main part represents “SFC – Shoah Film Collection” –>,

SFC - Shoah Film Collection

a new unique initiative by A Virtual Memorial Foundation & VideoChannel in the framework of NewMediaFest’2010 to encourage young generations of artists and filmmakers to refelect the context of Shoah and contribute, this way, against the forgetting. This new collection starts with 34 films and videos, most of them created especially for SFC, which already indicates, that artists take the challenge reflecting Holocaust/Shoah in an artistic way to visualize the “impossible”. That it is possible in contemporary artistic expressions shows the works feature in SFC impressingly.

SFC will be the Feature of the Month “February 2010” on NewMediaFest’2010, and VAD – Video Art Database will feature the included works during February for one day.

More details soon.