New project about femicide in Guatemala

A Virtual Memorial is happy to announce another collaboration between Wilfried Agricola de Cologne and Raquel Partnoy.

In 2001, Agricola de Cologne started the “Family Portrait”, an online art work spotlighting diasporadic course of life of the Partnoy family, in which Raquel, her daughter Alicia and Granddaughter Ruth play the main roles, a project which was completed in 2005 in the framework MOSAICA Award 2005, whose winner was “Family Portrait”.

In 2003, Agricola started the next collaboration with Raquel Partnoy in Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina“, an online art work which was realised in 2004 in the framework of the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP. This project is dedicated to the ten thousand of disappeared people who vanshied without any traces during the military regimes in Argentina during 50ies and 70 of 20th century, and the Mother of Plaza de Mayo, who fighted against by demonstrating.

In 2009, another collaboration starts in a project which, again, is dealing with the position, situation and presecution of women, this time focussing on another Latin American country, i.e Guatemala, where during the military ruling thousands of women were killed in a so -called “femicide”. The titel of the project is referring to this—>Women: Femicide in Guatemala.
incorporating many testimonies and documents by Guamaltecan women who brought the case of the femicide to a broader public and attendance only short time ago.