Judson Wright This Memorial project was initiated on occasion of the terror attack on 11 September 2001 in USA, but is dedicated to all victims of terror, as terror happens in all parts of the world at any time. The principle of those attacks is to hit innocent citizens - the more, the better. During the years countless of them died, vanished in anonymity and are forgotten. This Memorial is a place to remember all them, noone will be forgotten.
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 October 2003 Bali
 March 2004 Madrid
 July 2005 London
 Some days in September
 Another Day in October
 Links to terrorist attack in German only
 Some notes from November 2001
 September 11 Web archives
 Interview Chomsky 9/11
 The New Day of Infamy  Gray Watson Personal Thoughts 2001.09.12 
 9-11 Reflection
 Kernberg on 9-11
 Eleven days in September
 Terror and Violence
 The Events of 9/11 and Islam, the Taliban, and Bin Laden 
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 20 Lektionen des 11.September
 Judson Wright
 Melissa Gould My little tribute
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 Tiia Johannson Skyscraper
 Fung Lin Hall
 Martin Baldock Vortex
 Trip Dixon
 Tom Chambers Chambers' Tribute
 Agricola de Cologne Solitute
 Christa Niestrath memory-feld
<state>  Joy Garnett
 Anahí Cáceres Valores humanos Vs valores económicos
10.000 muertes no resuelven conflictos de poder
 Trebor Scholz "Look closely and then look again"
 Warren Furman Neptunes 7: Infidelity
Blue Skies
 david c. l. cheung
 Christina McPhee Smash prayer
 Raquel Partnoy Vanished
 Bill Bartee's "whyproject"
 Ursula Freer "The World Remembers" 
 Richard Ellis The American Dream
 Igor Ulanowsky Twin11
 Ansgard Thomson Inferno
 Sarawut Chutiwongpeti My contribution
 Andres Waissmann "From the bridge"
 Dagmar Kase absoluteloneliness
 Ingrid Kamerbeek Sept11
 Rika Ohara I hope Bush STOPS perpetuating the terror perpetuated by historical U.S.presidents!
 Andres Sanchez "monumental struggle between  good and evil"...
 Tom Scarpino 110901
 Jo-Anne Green "Scapes: Water_Cells #4,"
<state>  Francois Davin Each one different or everyone equal, war cries or peaceful hymns?
 Bernhard Keller Memory
 Popportraits NY Tribute
 Birgita Jonsdottir Womb of Creation
 Elayne Zalis I have compiled a list of memorials and remembrances related to the events of September 11, 2001. So far, categories include: Assorted Contributions, Online Diaries, Web Rings, and Media-Supported Forums. 
 Vittorio Bacelli cinq et quarante
 Marya Triandafellos Tribute
 Sean G.Colahan Digital War
 x mac dunlop "A failure of the imagination"
 Angelo Ricciardi My contribution
 Monika Krautscheid-Bosse My contribution
 Jim Murray This is a project I'm very involved in. We are doing
it in cooperation with the New York City Firefighters Burn Center Foundation. I hope you will be interested in submitting photos or visiting the project.
 Rene Joseph My tribute
 submitted by Carl Porter 911-groundzero
 Michelle Loughery A tribute
 St.Johns School, Toronto Peace
<state>  Antonio Sassu Tribute to Memorial for the victims of state terror
 Hans-Georg Tuerstig No more violence:
"US Air Force F-16 on September 19, 2001."
 submitted by Maria Jackson game over
 anton roca A tribute to 11 September
 Frank Shifreen An Invitation
<state>  Shalva Khakhanashvili Contribution to Memorial for the Victims of Stateterror
<state>  WITTWULF Y MALIK My contribution: Image and music! Enjoy!
<state>  Moataz el Safti Contribution to Memorial for the Victims of Stateterror
<state>  Oleg Tschebunin Pictures for Memorial for the Victims of Stateterror
 Michael-M von Karkowsky A View to a Kill
<state>  Klemens Etz Staatsterror - die Hölle (State Terror - the Hell)
 jimpunk  WTC - Remember
 Scott Becker Watch out where you are choosing the step!
 Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca My contribution to the madness of current events
 Mary Anne Breeze 4 textual responses to the 9/11 attacks
 Frédéric Vignale, Tamara Laï Animated Wart
 Shirin Kouladjie Days of my life: 11 -18 Sept 2001
 Brooke A. Knight "One Day in New York, About a Month After the Attacks"
 Max Greenberg Transcendence at St. Johns Cathedral
 Coco Gordon WTC Direct Hit
 Eternity conception Eternity conception
 Nina Meledandri The Art project.net - a tribute to 11 Sept. 2001
 Richard Lubrich Twin Towers with Flag
 llll-llll-llll.com wwwtc
 Blanka Lyszczarz Trees of peace
 Ralph Mayer New York City never sleeps
 Eryk Salvaggio WTC in ASCII
 Domenico Olivero 110901
 Luke Murphy The Cost Velocity of Suffering 
 Ives Aubrymore Life on mars 
 Fevzi Konuk Brainwash     2000
Digitaleden    1998
 The Art Paper After the Fall: Artist for Peace, Justice & Civil Liberties
 Seth Lew Contribution
 Enrico Christion WTC.911.101  "triptich"
 José Cuckier Transformer
 Catherine Marche Atlas
 Alejandro Jaimes-Larrarte Ground Zero
 Glimpses The World After September 11
 Nicole Stenger Firemen will never die
 Gabriel Otero Violence 2
 Kenji Siratori biocapture 3.0
 Gregory Chatonsky contribution
 Regina Celia Pinto Book of Sand
 Andres Yepes Violencia
 Artur Augustynowicz 11 September
 dlsan no connection
fanatism and fanatisms
 submitted by Dora Mandell Poetry on War, Terrorism and  other Atrocities
 Peaceneyland by radu negulescu, floe tudor, mona vatamanu (Romania)
 Eduardo Navas 9_11_2001_netMemorial
 Sergio Maltagliati WTC 9_11_01
 Gregg Alayon Options
 Agricola de Cologne 9.11. - The Double Method
 Antonio Sassu My contribution to 9/11
 Sheila Ernst-Bifano  "Recess after 9/11."
 Peter Vere Simmons September 11th 2001 affects young British artist
 Vittorio Baccelli 11 SETTEMBRE 2001
 Jeph Guerecka Between Two Worlds
 Pat Stamas Trying to find
 Marco Rogue Citizen
 Tania Prevent Next Terrorist attack
 Christina McPhee Noflightzone - is a soundscape based on Los Angeles sites during the flight ban after 9.11. Flash movies from "Memoires of the Invisible World" launch from zones of sound and text, from which derives an elegy of traumatic memory and revival in an erotic sublime. Texts are fragments from Paul
Celan, Multiplicity, the artist's journals on Documenta XI and Benjamin's initial notes for the Arcades project. Sound is remixed from Christina McPhee's electronic keyboard and voice "Naxsmash" suite (2001-2002).
 Judith Villamayor mi contribución
 Julie Olivari
 Gabriel Otero 9.11
 Karen Wilkinson dedicated to the North American Natives
 Maureen Margaret Mulvihill dedicated to the victims of terror (all victims of any terror)
 Shirley Shor Virtual Memory ( the wailing wall in Jerusalem ), 2002
 Anahi Caceres No more war
 Nick Fox-Gieg Instant Memorial
 Juergen Trautwein Mindbombs in war
 Fanny Aboulker www.sixmillion.org
<Bali 2002>  Neil Howe "Collateral Damage-Bali"
<Bali 2002>  Mac Dunlop Postcard to Bali
<Madrid 2004>  Mac Dunlop The Ides of March- there they lie
<Madrid 2004>  Antonia Sassu Madrid & World
<Madrid 2004>  Jordons Francisco Have you ever seen an authentic tolerance?
<Madrid 2004>  Gonzalo Frasca Madrid - Game homage to the victims in Madrid
<Madrid 2004>  Per Pegelow War Against Terror, it`s easy like a Pin Ball Game
<Madrid 2004>  Álvaro Ardévol BAB (Bush Aznar Blair)
<Madrid 2004>  Robert Spahr elegy to the spanish people
<Madrid 2004>  Tim Bowen Scream
<Madrid 2004>  Wolfgang Peter Menzel Beginning
<Madrid 2004>  Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark In Memory
<Madrid 2004>  Luigia Cardarelli Never Terrorismus Again
<Madrid 2004>  Atte Öhrnell Missing profile
<Madrid 2004>  Stephen Mead The Statues wear Blindfolds (2)
<Madrid 2004>  Katya Moorman Swimming Upstream in the Fishbowl
<Madrid 2004>  John Johnston & May Trubuhovich Memory
<Madrid 2004>  Robert Labor Solidarity for Madrid
<Madrid 2004>  Cezar Lãzãrescu Next Terror
<Madrid 2004>  Elena Paroucheva "Cathedrale" project for monumental sculpture.
<Madrid 2004>  Mac Dunlop war u dont want
<Madrid 2004>  Regula Erni Die Jagd/The hunt
<Madrid 2004>  Wolfgang Peter Menzel Black Angel
<Madrid 2004>  RODRIGO M. MALMSTEN Poema Como "Juanas de Arco"
<Madrid 2004>  Benjamin Gaulon THE DUMP IS THE MESSAGE
 Przemyslaw Moskal Divided
 Tamar Schori Memolog
 Tatomir Ion Marius Mothertears
<London2005>  Mike Haskett war horse
<London2005>  Unni Lokken My comment
<London2005>  Brian Routh Contribution
<London2005>  Robert Spahr London 7/7
<London2005>  Seth Lew Man in Barbed Wire
<London2005>  Domenico di Caterino dove si lava le mani dei suoi morti l'Impero? Nel
tinello del terrorismo globale?
<London2005>  Kenji Siratori Bizarre Machine
<London2005>  Barbara Campbell 1001 night cast
<London2005>  Otto von Strassenbach Yet another War Tool
<London2005>  Brigitte Neufeldt No more attack!
<London2005>  Mac Dunlop the number 30 bus
<London2005>  Cezar Lãzãrescu Next terror
<London2005>  Babel cry freedom
<London2005>  Cendres Lavy sub ways
<London2005>  SocialMediaGroup -      
 Mark Edward Grimm
The Great Fall
<London2005>  Agricola de Cologne [Meeting]
<London2005>  Suguru Goto My contribution
<London2005>  Dorothea Fleiss two contributions
<London2005>  ANN RAPSTOFF we will remember
<London2005>  Eva Weaver Skeleton Woman
<London2005>  Sanne Moe How dare you kill me
<London2005>  Lars Vilhelmsen Defination on terror 21 of july 2005 
<London2005>  Jonathan Aldous Gun
<London2005>  Andrew Williams Torment
<London2005>  Angela Cockayne >London< contribution
<London2005>  Sinasi Gunes Contribution
<London2005>  Monika K. Adler Mademoiselle Guilotine
<London2005>  Eldad Tsabary Sea of Awareness
 Alex Hamilton compelled to move
 Nadja Franz New York
 Salvatore Iaconesi Whitehouse .gov      
The work captures the Whitehouse home page and substitutes some words with some other ones, to hack back the official versions into something that is closer to reality. all my respect goes to the victims. none for the people who constantly value our lives less than nothing.
 los anonymos gedankenschmied projects terrorstream: this fragment has been created to pose a superficial question. there isn't more message in the media except this superficial, essential question.
 Caterina Davinio Performed in 2002 Paint from Nature / Dedicated to NYC 9/11
<state> =State terrorism         
<London2005>= terror attack London 7 July
<Madrid 2004> = terror attack Madrid  11 March 
<Bali 2002 >= terror attack on Bali Oct 2002
This Memorial is initiated and created as a reaction on the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 in USA. Copyright © 2001 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

All submitted works  copyright © by the participating artists or  the owners.