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ter·ror (tĕr'ər) pronunciation

  1. Intense, overpowering fear. See synonyms at fear.
  2. One that instills intense fear: a rabid dog that became the terror of the neighborhood.
  3. The ability to instill intense fear: the terror of jackboots pounding down the street.
  4. Violence committed or threatened by a group to intimidate or coerce a population, as for military or political purposes.
  5. Informal. An annoying or intolerable pest: that little terror of a child.

[Middle English terrour, from Old French terreur, from Latin terror, from terrēre, to frighten.]





Great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger: affright, alarm, apprehension, dread, fear, fearfulness, fright, funk, horror, panic, trepidation. Slang cold feet. Idioms: fear and trembling. See fear/courage.

Legal Dictionary


An intense fear of physical injury or death (inflict terror by forced entry or unlawful assembly); also The infliction of such fear (an act of terror)


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The noun terror has 3 meanings:

Meaning #1: an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety

Meaning #2: a person who inspires fear or dread
scourge, threat

Meaning #3: a very troublesome child
brat, little terror, holy terror


Translations for: Terror

Nederlands (Dutch)
schrik, verschrikking

Français (French)
terreur, peur, choc, horreurs, atrocité

Deutsch (German)
n. - Angst, Schrecken, Terror

Ελληνική (Greek)
τρόμος, φόβος, φρίκη, δέος, τρομοκρατία

Italiano (Italian)
terrore, spavento, orrore

Português (Portuguese)
n. - terror (m)

Русский (Russian)
террор, страх, ужас

Español (Spanish)
n. - terror, espanto, sobresalto, susto, horror, pánico, atrocidad

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - terror, skräck, fasa

中国话 (Simplified Chinese)
n. -
恐怖, 恐怖时期, 可怕的人

中國話 (Traditional Chinese)
n. -
恐怖, 恐怖時期, 可怕的人

日本語 (Japanese)
n. -
恐怖, 恐ろしさ, 恐怖政治, テロ, 大変な厄介物, 厄介者

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) ذعر, رعب

עברית (Hebrew)
n. -
פחד, אימה, טרור, חבלה

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