Peter Vere Simmons
September 11th 2001 affects young British artist

Peter Simmons just took his A level art through Greenfields School in Forest 
Row, West Sussex, England. In that context he chose a powerful September 
11th image to create a series of stunningly sensitive and colourful 
screenprints where blues and oranges convincingly recall to our eyes the 
tragic event that struck America and the world, last year.

Peter hopes to use these prints as a springboard for his professional 
career. He says I was shocked. I was also studying Andy Warhol's work at 
the time... from there to these prints was just a natural progression. The 
images of the attack had been repeated so much in the media that people had 
been almost desensitized to its gravity. I wanted to see if I could 
resensitize us all to the event through these prints.

copyright by Peter Vere Simmons