Peter Sprenkeler


SIXTY THREE REASONS…(© Peter Sprenkeler)

Sixty-three new hearts…out of the carnage now beat,

None will ever see…or their fathers greet.

Sixty one new mothers…all without their man,

They'll all manage alone…the best they can.

Sixty one fathers…who will never experience the joy,

Of holding proudly aloft…their brand new boy.

Sixty-one mothers who will for years feel the pain,

And try to rebuild lives…with new offspring to maintain.

Sixty one fathers whom will be so sorely missed,

Sixty-three babes…will never savour Dad's sweet kiss.

Sixty-one mothers…they will one day have to explain,

Where is their Dad…why are their no remains.

Sixty-one mothers will feel the emptiness for years,

Many nights will be spent…pillows wet with tears.

Sixty three babes whose lives will never be complete,

Longing always to know a father…they will never meet.

Sixty-one fathers…taken cruelly from their families love,

I can't help but feel rain…is from them crying above.

Sixty three babes…a piece of their lives never to attain,

Sixty-three more reasons…for terrorism to writhe in shame! 

In response to a segment on "Sixty Minutes"…How in New York, 63 new babies have been born to 61 mothers (two sets of twins) all whom lost their partner in the 'towers' on Sept 11 2001.