Ives Aubrymore
Tittle: "Life on mars".
Year: 2001.
Technic: rectoverso painting: digital dticked on canvas painted acrylic, recto, and acrylic, ink and marker on verso.
Size: 100x81cm.
What happened on september 11 2001? What was the world before? What was the world after? In several years, children will study this question in history course. So, they will be told what was written in newspapers, some cold and clinic description, whithout the horrible feeling of apocalypse we've felt this day. I was working on a canvas calls "life on mars", whose subject is a description of this ununderstandable world made of concrete, steel, glass and violence, this world ever moving and elusive. I've been already working on recto-verso paintings for six monthes, and I was working on the recto, as someone phoned me to tell me to watch the TV; and then, I sat down and stayed for the complete afternoon, rooted to the spot, watching this planes crashing the towers, again and again and again; there was nothing to understand, nothing to say, no tears to cry, just see it again and again, and the towers falling down, and people jumping up from windows, and smoke and dust and bloo! d.! 
So, the verso of my painting is not as it should be, it simply shows my impression at this moment: this ever repeated moment, the firemen in the dust; and the questions asked just after: why?
This painting is a justification of being a painter: try to express the emotion of this moment. I hope to give another light on the description of this moment, the feeling of much people this particular day, watching this planes crashing again and again.
And then, I've been in New York in april for the first time, to exhibit and to visit this town I wanted to visit for long. Time as gone and feeling is already different, destruction, pain, anger, all of this will be erode by the time; and to participate to the Virtual Memorial is a way to me to testify of my solidarity to the victims of such crimes.

Artist: Yves Aubrymore, cofounder of Rectoversion group:
(Yves Aubrymore with Michel de Caso and Michel Bondou is cofounder of the artistic movement "Rectoversion, an 10 de l'an 10.000" (...from the year 10 to 10.000)."Rectoversion" is a term based on a French neologism created by Michel de Caso which literally means "rotation of the front side (recto)". It was born of the calling into question of the front of the painting. Its problems are neither that of sculpture, nor that of the vacuum, nor that of transparency. It fits resolutely into the two-dimensional field of painting following the confrontation of the front (recto) and the back (verso). "Rectoversion" does not function on the fusional and identity-based mode but opens towards another multiple and contradictory sphere).