> *Name: Joy Garnett
> *Address: New York
> *Email:

> *Title"Kill Box"
> *Medium: Oil on canvas
the reason for the towers' collapse:

stratfor's notion of them having planted explosives in the building
beforehand is totally wack.

...woke up to the boom of passing spider jets, as the pass back and forth.
we are in the Zone below 14th street, where nothing enters or leaves,
theoretically. there are teams down on houston street, they've been
coordinating all night for rescue relays. chelsea piers is a triage
center, also javits.

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sept.12, rescue efforts.
a large crowd of people at the West Side Hwy near Christopher Street await
the truckloads of supplies, army personel, fire fighters, police, water
carriers, etc., with cheers and teary shouts and signs that read YOU ARE
OUR HEROS and THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRAVERY. I finally lost it and cried
along w/ some of the weak-kneed roller-bladers etc. it's unbearable and