"Looks like we're going into overtime" 
they say 
because boom boom alley 
in the middle of Bali 
is glowing orange bright 
in the crescent moonlight 
shining through the clouds of this tattered social fabric. 

For fundamentally, I am 
-whatever my belief- 
"bugger me" transfigured 
by the bomb glow 
in a place where I would wish to go 
for peace and quiet from the world. 

It appears 
that bombs and blasts are everywhere 
like jet streams of friendly fire 
crossing over trip wires 
catching bathers on the beach in Kuta Bay. 

You wonder what culture brings 
when learning's become some religious thing 
fanatics want to teach 
christian creationists, do or die zionists 
islamic fundamentalists 
and the rest 
insisting on expelling from schools the infecting pest 
of rationalist leanings. 

In overtime 
our governments have become 
more and more like feudal feifdoms 
protecting pockets of oil and capital investment sums, 
as we wonder how the war that started 
really first begun, 
and why these waves of poverty lap upon our shores. 

"Minus 10 and counting..." 
the radii of bomb blasts is measured 
in religious politics dressed up as reason. 
Empowering hate mongering god-fearing heathens 
with no time for the humanist cause. 

There goes the word of god 
translated for every trumped up cause 
blowing up what once was 
a simple cry for freedom. 

Now the brain visibly shrinks 
beneath the body parts covering the beach 
putting heaven on earth out of reach 
for those who dream of living together in peace 

The final lap has sounded 
and we are covered in shattered window glass 
we witness the pain that's comes to pass 
when lies and laws split the world in half 
for the sake of any "god's" law 
or "written-in-stone" religious past 
which teaches solitary social madness. 

mac dunlop

1.mac dunlop
3. title: Postcard to Bali
İmac dunlop 2002