mac dunlop The Ides of March - there they lie
(on the bombing of Madrid)

Perhaps the worst is still to come
fear of the worst being the best one
can do I'm
to feel the gravest grief
inclining toward the bombed belief 
it could be you.

- like any holocaust - afraid
of those who amputate reality
and force bodies out of gravity
far removed from the faintest echo of humanity 
the smoke, dust, and silence rising 
wedged in wreckage 

a silence shot by mobile phones
their signals screaming 
"please pick up" dial tones
amplifying this anonymous call to arms 
echoing across the ripped up tracks 
SMS's unread, unchecked, unanswered back

like discarded shoes and piety they lie, 
not in tidy rows outside a mosque 
or in the cupboard neatly stacked
there they lie
my sister's and brother's 
lifeless eyes 
an arial photograph
a line of headstones 
another cenotaph
an instant of our lives lived on
a rush hour blown
to kingdom come.


1.mac dunlop
3. title: The Ides of March- there they lie
İmac dunlop 2004