RRF returns

After nearly 3 years of project development, the RRF environment finished in its final state as [R][R][F]200x—>XP its most successful activity at the end of 2006, and returns to A Virtual Memorial as a completed project.

It was presented and installed in most different constellations in virtual and physical space more than 50 times, the textual documentation on this blog may give evidence. The artistic Flash based high-tech body, however will remain completely untouched as an historical document.  Nevertheless, the navigation of the project will be optimized, yet, and the completed project will be certainly also presented in new contexts in one or the other way.
Some project components and primarily VideoChannel will remain active and developed further on. This will have also some influence on the RRF environment in its totality, of course.

As the creator, artist, curator, multi-media developer, programer and in some other functions, I would like to thank also at this place all participating, assisting and supporting instances again for making th experimental enterprise of [R][R][F]200x—>XP possible.