d/i/light – the new festival


http://dilight.engad.org The manifestations of Shoah Film Collection received a new presentation format in shape of a festival, entitled: d/i/light – Darkness Into Light Festival d/i/light – can operate as a standing alone festival, as well as an intervention component in the context of “A Virtual Memorial Commemorative Interventions”. The festival…

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SFC campaign 2016 – shortlist


The 2016 campaign for Shoah Film Collection was over on 1 August 2016. 19 new videos were selected for being included in the film collections, which is now incorporating 110 art films and videos. Find the complete shortlist of selected videos on http://dts.engad.org/blog/?p=354

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Ongoing Memorial – Paris 2015

The participatory project “Paris, 13 November 2015” – refers to the Islamist terror attacks in Paris on the same date, 13 November 2015 and would like to show solidarity and empathy with the innocent victims and a completely paralyzed Parisian,and French society, at the same time it must not be…

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Release: ://self~imaging


The media art exhibition project ://self~imaging – artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism – open call- deadline 22 December 2015 – is now released online featuring more than 100 artists contributions in the media – static, moving and interactive image, sound, video and text

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Selection: Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima


CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima http://ctf.engad.org/never-more-hiroshima-fukushima/ http://hiroshima.engad.org Official selection on . “open call -deadline 21 December 2015 Sonia Laura Armaniaco (Italy) – ‘It Is in the Air for You and Me’, 2015, 05:16 Maureen Bachaus (Netherlands) – Happiness, 2015, 2:36 Brandon Bauer (USA) – AN602: Tsar…

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Selection: “REFUGEE!”


CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections “REFUGEE!” official selection on the “open call”: deadline 22 December 2015 http://ctf.engad.org/refugee/ http://refugee.engad.org Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Shatila-Lost Island, 2015, 10:00 Paolo Bandinu Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2: 21 Aline Biasutto (France) – The Sirens Chant, 2013, 11’02 Inês von Bonhorst…

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9 November – soundCOLLECTIVE

A Virtual Memorial Foundation & soundLAB – sonic art projects are happy to launch the soundart project – soundCOLLECTIVE – collective trauma, identity and sonic art- on occasion of the commemoration day – 9 November 2015 – the 77th return of the “Night of Broken Glass (Reichskristallnacht), when the NAZI…

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